Current Work

I am a third year Ph.D. student in the Computer Science department at the University of Chicago primarily interested in cloud and distributed databases.

I am working with Dr. Raul Castro Fernandez and the ChiData group on a project aiming to reduce cloud costs in the world of cloud query processing.

Past Work

As an undergrad at UChicago, I worked on a project with Dr. Hank Hoffmann relating to distributed power management. We presented a distributed approach to power management in a distributed system, allowing for power to be allocated across a set of nodes while obeying system-wide powercaps. This approach has the added benefits of fault-tolerance and easier scalability over its centralized counterparts.

I graduated cum laude from University of Chicago in June 2020 with a BS with Honors in Computer Science, as well as a BS in Mathematics. I also contributed to the Linguistica project with Professor John Goldsmith.

I gained valuable industry experience during my two summers interning with Uber ATG building backend services and debugging tools for their self-driving vehicle. I designed, implemented, and deployed new services into production, and I utilized task orchestrators so that my services remained robust in a highly distributed production environment.